My Extended Warranty*

Extend the original warranty of your vehicle for up to 5 years by taking out a Dacia extension of guarantee contract.

*Special Conditions Apply

Continue driving your Dacia with peace of mind by extending your warranty!

The extended warranty package offers the replacement of faulty mechanical and electrical parts (labour included) and 24/7 Dacia assistance (outside of maintenance and malfunctions resulting from normal use and wear)* for 5 years or up to 100,000km.**

This is what Dacia calls peace of mind.
The extended warranty is attached to your vehicle, which is beneficial for potential resale. 
Your Dacia is insured against all assembly and manufacturing defects. The warranty extension completes the manufacturer's guarantee. During this period your are also guaranteed supported across the entire Dacia network for no additional charge. You benefit from expert repair with original parts.In case of breakdown, contact Dacia Assistance 24/7 at 03/694 668
Legal Information

Dacia extended warranty needs to be purchased before the end of the 12 month term, starting from the recorded/documented date on the vehicle's registration. 

Dacia extended warranty contract is issued after the expiry of the contractual manufacturer warranty, meaning at the end of the 36 month term starting from the recorded/documented date on the vehicle's registration.  

Dacia extended warranty can be transferred in the case of resale. 
* See the terms and conditions in the contract available at your dealer. 
** Dacia extended warranty ends when the first of the two terms is met. The time period begins on the first documented day of registration and mileage begins from zero. 

My Support DACIA

Roadside Assistance Number: 03/ 694 688
Each Dacia vehicle is built to the highest of international standards. If your car breaks down at any time, a simple phone call will give you access to any needed assistance.