Electric driving with Dacia

The electric lifestyle with Dacia
Energy or money savings, driving comfort, and much more. Find out what Spring can offer you
Save money!
Switching to electric helps you save money:
  • Charging an electric vehicle is  3 times less expensive  than buying fuel*.
  • An electric vehicle’s motor is  less expensive to maintain  as it is less complex than an internal combustion engine.

* The average cost per kWh is estimated at $0.25. An electric motor consumes around 10 kWh to drive 100 km. So, it costs $2.50. A petrol vehicle will consume 5 litres over the same distance. This would cost $7.50 based on a cost per litre of $1.50.
Reduce your carbon footprint
An electric vehicle means zero emissions during use (no CO2, no atmospheric pollution). You can already drive with 100% renewable energy: 
  • by choosing a green electricity supplier
  • by installing a charging point at home
  • by using public charging stations supplied with renewable energy
  • by charging your vehicle via photovoltaic equipment
Enjoy greater driving comfort
Did you know? For various reasons, you get a completely different driving experience with an electric vehicle: 
  • Driving electric guarantees much more comfortable journeys with reduced noise, odours and vibrations.
  • An electric motor delivers optimum torque immediately. It offers better startup acceleration than an internal combustion engine.
Motor and battery
The formula is simple: a tried and tested powertrain and a guaranteed, recyclable battery, for driving comfort and peace of mind!
A tried and tested powertrain
The 33 kW powertrain and 26.8 kWh battery are the result of Groupe Renault’s experience in electromobility.

You get to enjoy optimum driving comfort with Spring’s powertrain and weight (less than 1 tonne) and its immediately available torque.
A battery covered by warranty and certified for easy resale!
With Spring, you own your battery and it is  guaranteed for 8 years or 100,000 km with a guaranteed minimum charge capacity of 75%.