My Maintenance


Get regular vehicle check-ups in order to anticipate risks and prolong life-span.DACIA always offers the best deals at the best price: complete revisionand customised plans to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Do not wait until the indicator lights up on the dashboard. Make the scheduled revisions in your maintenance plan.

Control the efficiency of different elements and equipment and avoid breakdowns due to wear and over use.

Dacia offers packaged deals depending on your service program. 

The offers are adapted to your maintenance program, ensuring optimal operation over the years. Based on the age or mileage of your vehicle, our advisors suggest: 
- Frequent oil changes with the recommended brand (see maintenance booklet) 
- Replacing the oil filter 
- Replacing the air filter 
- Replacing the spark plugs 
- Quality control points 
- Labour associated with each transaction 
- Electronic diagnostic (diagnostic kit) 
- Fluid upgrade (excluding fuel)           

An older Dacia merits just as much attention as a newer one! For this reason we offer the exact same benefit packages for all original parts, while maintaining affordable prices. 

These packages are not just affordable, they allow you to profit from professional expertise and one-year warranties on parts and labour.

Oil Change

Regular oil changes with recommended oil (see your maintenance program) is indispensible to protecting your engine and optimising performance.

Our customised packages guarantee that you will enjoy the best service at the best price.

Changing oil according to the schedule recommended by DACIA insures the protection and durability of your engine. 

Note: Replacing oil filters is necessary at every oil change.
Don't forget to check oil levels before taking your car on a long voyage.


Check the wear and use of your tires to insure optimal grip and handling. Tires, along with brakes and shock absorbers, constitute your vehicles "triangle of security".

Your tires are constantly in need of attention. They are the only part of your car in direct contact with the road. We recommend you check them regularly by using the wear indicators in the grooves. 

Be attentive to other signs of wear: vibrations through the steering wheel, cracks in the flanks, suspect road noise, irregular or worn tread, deformations‚Ķ 

Systematic checks will be carried out when visiting one of our service centres.

Change your tires in pairs to avoid any risk. The least used tires should be installed in the back. Check pressure every month and before long road trips. 

Warning: Underinflating tires may cause them to burst. The ideal cold pressure is found on the inside of the driver door. Make sure to check and adjust tire alignment if necessary.


Air-conditioning provides temperature control, defrost and purification year-round cabin comfort.

Efficient air-conditioning assures a pleasant and healthy drive for everyone.

Air-conditioning is essential to your comfort and requires regular maintenance.

Pay attention to signs of malfunction: unpleasant odours, allergic reactions, less efficient heating and cooling, persistent fog. 

Don't wait for symptoms to appear to check your air-conditioner in one of our service centres, where Dacia experts will advise you.

Using your air-conditioning regularly and year-round guarantees that it will function well. 

Cleaning the entire air-conditioning system once a year prevents moisture and bacteria build-up. Replace theA/C filter every 20,000 Km and recharge the gas circuit every 2 years in order to maintain system efficiency.


Enjoying a pleasant drive requires total confidence in your brakes, guaranteeing everyone's safety. 

The brakes, along with tires and shock absorbers, make up the "triangle of safety".

Your security depends on the up-keep of your brake system, so you better get them checked regularly!

Be attentive to the first signs of wear:
stopping distance, vibrations under feet when pressing the brake pedal, unresponsive brake pedal or car swerving to the side. 

To maintain effective and safe brakes, make sure to follow the maintenance program, and to change the brake fluid every 120,000km or every four years. Make sure to dust your drum breaks every 60,000km.
Whether in the city or on the road, respectful, responsible and economic driving helps to maintain your braking system.